A Five Days GIAN Course ON Chemical Vapour Deposition (14th – 21st September): Last Date for Registration - 8th September 2018.


This course presents a detailed understanding about science and technology of Chemical Vapor Deposition and related methods and reactors used for making thin films, single crystals, powders. This process is popular for semiconductor materials manufacturing and manufacturing of materials for addressing global challenges associated with energy/environment nexus, energy demand, generation and storage.

The Proposed Course focuses on practical applications of CVD reactors, processes, electronic & amorphous materials. The course educates and trains graduates with the academic and practical background necessary to function as chemical engineering professionals in several modern, state of the art industrial enterprises such as electronics manufacturing, advanced materials, energy, nanotechnology and bio-medical engineering. The course provides our graduates with the foundation for a successful career and enables life-long learning. Also it enhances the skills of individuals in applications of chemical kinetics & transport processes to vapor phase materials synthesis